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Specialty Class Offerings


We are Acrobatic Arts Certified! 
What is Acrobatic Arts?
A professional curriculum for acrobatic dance, this program is designed to promote excellence in flexibility, strength​, balance, limbering, tumbling, basic contortion, and partner/group stunting for dancers. AcroDance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. AcroDance is not the same as gymnastics.  An AcroDancer must complete all of the skills on the hard stage without the advantage of a sprung floor while incorporating musical expression, extension and control. A sprung floor allows a gymnast to complete much more difficult tumbling skills when compared to what is recommended in AcroDance.


Cosmos Competition Hip Hop Crew:  

Cosmo’s is a great entry level team for any dancer looking to get into the dance competition scene! Open to both company dancers and non-company dancers alike, and all experience levels welcome! This is an audition only team, so participation in our open audition or in the galaxy stars training camp is required. Upon acceptance onto the team, enrollment in a ballet class and one additional elective(excluding hip hop) is required. This way our competition dancers remain well- rounded meanwhile creating a curriculum catered to your dancer’s specific goals and aspirations. Even though this is not a galaxy stars team, all members must meet the expectations/requirements of our other competition teams seeing as they will be welcomed whole-heartedly into our amazing competition community(in addition to the rest of our dance community)! This is a fantastic entry level team to participate in for dancers with a strong work ethic and a passion to learn! 


Dance Now! Studios
Broadway style

Musical Theater dance is a theatrical dance style that includes dancing and acting to songs from Broadway musicals.  Students will learn basics of acting, character development while dancing, and using movement to tell a story. Musical Theater class at Dance Now will combine basic stagecraft, use of voice, expression and of course dance, to tell stories and entertain.  Students will need jazz shoes for the first semester and tap shoes added to the second semester.  Minimal homework will include watching assigned videos with historic and modern musical theater.  The class will prepare a holiday medley and will perform in the spring recital. 


A hip hop dance program for kids with Autism, Down Syndrome, sensory processing disorder, and other individual learning differences and physical challenges!  Taught by a certified Rhythm Works dance instructor and tailored to the individual needs of each and every child.  Please call for more information!  920-887-DANC

These group classes are offered during the regular seaon only.  If you are interested in a private class, please call the studio.  

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