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Summer 2024! Registration opens February 12th!

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Reasons for Placement

We place students based on ability rather than age.  In this fashion the student will be placed in a class where all children are at the same spot in their training.  They will continue to be challenged, however, they should never feel overwhelmed or "not as good" as the other students.  There will be mixed ages in all classes, depending on where the individual child is in their training.  This in no way reflects upon a child's overall ability.  They will be able to learn more and learn quicker in a class where everyone is of the same ability.  No one child will feel as though they are being held back and no one child will feel as though they aren't as skilled as the others.  At the same time, most children will spend more than one year in each level as they master the skills necessary to take them into the next level.  Do not fear, they will continue to grow and improve even if they are in the same level for more than one season.  This will make them a better, stronger dancer overall. 

You will also notice that ballet needs to be taken alongside most all classes.  Ballet is the basis of all dance and without ballet training a person can not properly dance jazz or lyrical or tap.  All movements come from ballet.  That is why we are now requiring most of our dancers to continue their ballet classes!  If you have questions about this, please feel free to discuss with your instructors.  They will be more than happy to help you with this transition. 

If you are a returning student you will notice highlighted classes when you go to register for your next classes.  These are the classes your instructor has recommended for your child.

Summer 2024 Registration opens February 12th!

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