2019-2020 Galaxy Stars

The Galaxy Stars Dance Team is a National Award winning competitive

dance team hosted by Dance Now! Studios. 

This is an audition-only dance team.  Auditions are held at the end of summer, following our Galaxy Stars Training Camps.  The summer courses are mandatory for all those who would like to audition for the teams.  All team members are required to be members of the Dance Now! Dance Company.

For more information, call Miss Julie at (920) 887-DANC (3262).

2019-2020 Galaxy Stars

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Galaxy Stars!

Deanna Feil

Madi Ladron-Captain

Raeanna Colvin

Sevanna Fairbank-Co-captain

Aubrey Hoffman-Understudy to Super Novas

Serena Larson

Paige Nehmer-Captain

Gracie Juarez-Captain

Olivia Koehnen

Arieana Osterberger

Samantha Yelk

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